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Science tells us humans are made of 60% water. For me, that would be more like 60% coffee, 10% chocolate, mixed with equal parts sarcasm and dirty jokes.

Forever in love with the written word – whether reading or writing – I have a special affinity for romances with saccharine sweet HEAs. Bonus points if there is a puppy. From sweet & adorable to smutty & salacious I will greedily devour them all.

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Reading every new book by H.R. Reve consumes twenty-four-year-old stylist Sydney Bordelon’s free time. After the latest installment, her inebriated self thinks emailing him—hiding behind username RedLace24—detailing the effect of hi...
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Love Done Write
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After an alcohol fueled make out session that he can barely remember threatens to derail his marriage, Tanner Carlisle’s perfectly ordered world turns to utter chaos. Gutted by his actions, he returns home to Isabelle filled with regret and beg...
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Meant to be Kept

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