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Amy McVay Abbott

Amy Abbott is an indie author and newspaper columnist whose column The Raven Lunatic runs in multiple newspapers.  She has been published in OUR USA, Salon, Alter-Net, Fictionique, News on Women, Mamapedia, Autism after Sixteen, and Does This Make Sense.  She is the author of two books and blogs at Open Salon.

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Visit a universe where roosters crow 24/7 and The Rolling Stones perform unnoticed on the neighbor's lawn. Journalist Amy McVay Abbott shares 35 of "The Raven Lunatic" newspaper columns in this romp that will keep you laughing from s...
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A Piece of Her Mind
In her debut book, Indiana writer Amy McVay Abbott offers thirty insightful and humorous essays about life transitions. In 2009, Abbott lost her job shortly after her only child left for college. Her mother was diagnosed with multi-infarct dementi...
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The Luxury of Daydreams

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