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  She’s meant to guard his body, not to get up close and personal with it. But anything he wants, he gets—and he wants her. Billionaires aren’t amongst Mia’s favourite clients. She’s a bodyguard, and in h...
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Die for Him
With his collar around her throat and her pulse pounding through her body, can she switch off enough to submit to his every whim? Nina loves her job in middle management-her dominant personality and organisational skills make her indispensable...
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Switching Off
When your body betrays you and your government might kill you for it, can you really trust a sexy man is all he seems? In an Orwellian future world, highly skilled professionals must be sexually suppressed, to focus them better on their work. ...
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Hidden Heat
"One wants to drain her. The other just wants her... Nick is a psivore—he feeds from the life forces of humans, and he’s not the only one of his kind. He’s been tracking a vicious killer for months, and he’s prett...
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Zoë has always been attracted to her boss, Adam. He's hot, funny, friendly…and has more skills than she's ever imagined. He puts her willpower to the test on a dateless Valentine's night, inviting her home to help him w...
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Of Sawdust and Seduction
She’s sweet, but far from innocent... Dana is sick of watching childhood friends Lee and Nicola pretend they don’t want each other. The self-proclaimed Queen of Casual Sex decides to do something about it, and along the way discove...
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Always the Quiet Ones
Tease, tempt, tremble...but don’t touch. Old friends and colleagues Jared and Elle embark upon a sexual game with only one rule: no touching. Whoever breaks the rule first loses the game, and no matter how much they want each other, they...
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Battle of Thrills
To catch a killer, you have to think a little kinky... Submission is a dangerous game... Faye Tate is a police forensic scientist, a switch, and secretly in love with a police detective. Detective Zach Pierce has made many enemies, but his...
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Dominance and Deception

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