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Brian Ames has never been lucky in love. Getting a guy has never been a problem; keeping one after they meet his mother and sisters, all witches with magical abilities, is another matter entirely. After a disastrous family dinner, Brian g...
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Let's Get Familiar
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Colby Jackson is dead. That's one thing he’s sure of. So, what’s a boy to do when he finds out he’s died? Take a class on how to be a ghost and pray that his death won't suck as bad as his life did! Little does he know, Colby’...
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Haunting 101
Dr. Aiden Turner, and his lover, Officer Jacob Blackthorn, never dreamed of adding a third to their relationship. But when one of Aiden’s patients is abused at the hospital and his attacker escapes, the two men decide to take the young...
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Dream a Little Dream

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