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Maxwell is kind, hardworking, loyal… and six years older than Bennett. When they met, Bennett was just a kid with a childish infatuation for his mentor. But now Bennett’s an adult, with adult desires. And he’s waited long enough. ...
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Playboys 4: Without You
When Noel's current lord invites King Edward and his son, Prince Mark, to his kingdom for a three-day tournament, Noel realizes his days of living as a free water siren are rapidly coming to a close. After all, everyone knows all water sirens bel...
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Marked 1: Three Days
Quiet and shy, Finley excels at making something out of nothing. A talented costume designer, he longs to share the spotlight with Adair, but he knows he has neither the talent nor the charisma to make the transition from backstage production to lead...
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Christmas Magic: Sole
Izumi is a Neko, a pet, coveted for his beauty, charm and absolute obedience. Taken from the Neko island as a small child, the only life he's ever known is with his master and friend, Nathan. Growing up, Izumi was always praised for how easily he...
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Izumi (Neko)
Pip thinks he has everything in life -- a loving family who accept that he's gay, his dream job as an editor lined up when he's ready to take it, and an inheritance ready to set him up for life. When his two best friends, Max and Bentley, com...
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Playboys 3: Twisted
Collin has loved Adrian for over a decade, but can he trust his future to the Prince of the Demons? Clock Strikes: Collin has loved Adrian for more than a decade, but the only way a Neko is allowed to leave the island is to become a pet to a demon...
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Neko (Box Set)
Ryo's job at the Crooked Paintbrush is a way to make some money doing what he loves while meeting new people. But when Logan walks into Ryo's painting class, he realizes there are some things that can only be described as fate. More than j...
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Yule Tied: Gift of a Lifetime
Pyotr is in his last year at the prestigious New York School of Dance. He's lost his private sponsorship, so to pay his expenses, he works at Twirl, a high-end gay strip club two nights a week, wearing a mask to conceal his identity. When Pyot...
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Playboys 2: Interpret
In the world of professional UFC Karate fighting, pretty boys via for championships -- and hearts. Kai Masami always thought he wanted to go to Japan as a Karate fighter. That is, until he met Liam Evans. Liam is untouchable, though. Kai will do w...
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Pretty Boys (Box Set)
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Four years ago geneticist Jayce Harper lost the love of his life. Now every Christmas Jayce returns to his cabin in the woods to celebrate Christmas. Alone. Every year he sets an extra place at the table and bakes a full Christmas dinner, including p...
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Reindeer Games: White Stag
Oliver Hull is a fifth generation gardener who works at the elite Haver House for Nathan Haver, a poised man who collects rare flowers and plants and appreciates the beauty in nature. When Nathan dies, his son Charles inherits everything, including O...
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Playboys 1: Garden of Silence
Identical twins Alexei and Vasily have been fulfilling fantasies for customers of the Kline Agency for the past five years. Not only does the Kline allow them to work together, but with the money they make they are able to pay down the debt their old...
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Kline Agency: Next To You
Carson and Tate have been running for months, trying to evade the JIA so they don't end up lab specimens for the ruthless organization. In a last ditch effort, Carson and Tate head to Alaska, where other Changelings are congregating in an attempt...
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Hidden Oaks 3: Liberate
His whole life, Xander's known just who and exactly what he wants. As Santa's oldest son, he's next in line to inherit the family business. And that's the only way he's ever going to leave the North Pole. Walter's got the b...
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Peppermint Twist: Xander
When Avery takes a job as an escort at the Kline Agency in Manhattan, he expects to work long enough to help fund his younger brother's college tuition and then he can move on. However, a chance meeting with an artist, Milo, changes Avery's e...
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Kline Agency: Avery
Carson and his mate Tate team up with Gaven and Lily to escape Federal agents who are trying to bring them back to Hidden Oaks, a prison for shape shifting Changelings. Carson's not a shapeshifter, but he holds an unusual power over other Changel...
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Hidden Oaks 2: The Secret of Harbor Oaks
Ian’s normal, boring life consists of his small town bartending job and his on again/off again relationship with his strictly vanilla boyfriend. Ian wants something more -- he just doesn’t know what. When fate -- and a traveling theatre t...
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Levi is content in his life as an escort at the Kline Agency until he sees a fellow escort find a meaningful relationship. As Levi ponders what it would be like to have a real relationship of his own, he meets a new client, Wesley. Wesley is unlike a...
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Kline Agency: Levi
While working on his Master's degree in psychology, Carson is offered an exclusive summer internship at a private research hospital. He can't imagine a better career opportunity. But Harbor Oaks hides a dark secret. Carson soon discovers pati...
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Hidden Oaks 1: The Secret of Hidden Oaks
Micah's job as an escort is to be whatever his client wants him to be, and he loves it -- especially because pretending to be someone else is better than remembering what he's running from. Mr. Daniel Hart, a client who had been expecting ...
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Kline Agency: Chilled Champagne
Addison and Taylor have been together for five years, but when they move in together, Addison discovers Taylor has a secret -- a hidden stash of bondage magazines, with pictures of Addison tucked inside. Addison never thought he'd be into...
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Red Velvet Christmas: Ticket to Ride
While shopping for candy for his friend's Halloween party, Preston saves a strange black cat from a group of teenage boys. Overcome with a desire entirely new to him, Preston takes the black cat home and discovers things are not always what th...
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Trick or Treat: Kuro
Micah's job as a host is to be whatever his clients want him to be and he loves it -- especially because pretending to be someone else is better than remembering what he's running from. Mr. Daniel Hart, a client who had been expecting...
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The Agency 1: Chilled Champagne

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