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Anandra DeWitt

Anandra DeWitt was born and raised in the Chicago area. Growing up, reading was her first love. Money was scarce, so she found great pleasure in going to the local library bookmobile and immersing herself in stories about the lives of other children. She was also interested in books on human behavior and dreamed of becoming a psychologist. Instead, practically took precedence and her work career began as a legal secretary.

Her books deal with the emotional and psychological struggles of women and girls, particularly African American.

Anandra went on to take a position in banking while attending classes part-time to earn a Bachelor's degree in Commerce and an MBA. Later she became an advertising account executive and a marketing director, and eventually earned two Master's degrees in theology and psychology.

Anandra has several hobbies, including going to movies, doll collecting, and watercolor painting. She is married and lives in Illinois.

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