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Anastasia Rabiyah writes erotic romance, paranormal erotic romance, and fantasy. She often crosses genres in order to follow her muses into the darkness where they seek out destiny in all its forms. She believes in fairies, demons, angels, magic, passion, chocolate, supportive friends, e-books and writing critique groups. Her deepest desire is to pursue her creative dreams and realize them. Every spare moment she devotes to writing for her haunting muses. Visit her on the web at:

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Current Releases
Life has changed for Jamilah. She’s of an age to be married off, and she knows her father will choose the most profitable match to advance his status. Although her heart chooses otherwise, there is no escape from the binding ties of her family ...
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Jamilah Rising
Adele has stumbled upon an odd but attractive man in the Mystery Shop across the street from her lofthouse. Lured in by him almost daily, she soon discovers that he is far more than he seems. Kadar can’t leave the store even if he wants to. ...
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Kadar's Mystery Shop
Jake, a twice divorced father, has given up on finding love until his good friend, Amory, finds herself suddenly single. The complicated romance between them is hot and lusty while they remain discreet when their combined group of four children ar...
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Extra Baggage
Charon is much more than a creature of darkness. Stripped of all humanity in order to fulfill his calling in Hell long ago, he lingers in the mortal world with no purpose to his existence. Bored of life, and death, he succumbs to the deep, protect...
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Blood Angel 2: Charon
Naughty Nine explores the passions of myths ranging from the fair mermaid to the cry of the lone werewolf. Dare to enter the darkness, to pass through into the realms of fairy. Seek out forbidden passion in the arms of an unexpected lover. Ecstasy...
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Naughty Nine
Valentine’s Day brings Faith into a nightclub—the last place she wants to be. When she catches the eye of the handsome bartender who offers her a drink, her caution slips away. She can’t take her eyes off him or say no when he as...
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Bound by the Night
Upon touching the statue of the Unangi God of Desire, Shiemer Alonwei reflects on his life, a span of memories lacking in caring or love. With his wife and daughter dead, and the Kyleena Empire to overthrow, he is a man of purpose with no room for...
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Urden, God of Desire
Tanya had a man she loved and her whole future ahead of her when Braden was called to serve his country in Iraq. Rather than face his time away with bravery and become a teen bride, she broke off their relationship, vowing never to marry a man lik...
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Lost and Found Again
Escaping her forced marraige, Sima accidentally hides out in a pleasure hotel and is appalled to learn of the decadence in the city of Irnia. Despite her shock, sparks fly when she meets Razi, the ward assigned to her room. He was sold into slaver...
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Nimmet, Goddess of Love
The second chance of a lifetime… Sarah fell in love with Roland the moment she sat beside him. Handsome, overly smart and full of controversial ideas on cloning humans, he challenged her to go beyond her comfort zone in more ways than o...
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Resurrecting Roland
Born of a succubus and fathered by a man, Rurik will do anything to be a true demon and be accepted in the lower reaches of Hell. When his mother comes to him on the seventh night—the night when all demons fly to the living world to wreak ha...
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Seventh Night
Step into the magic of the Willow Woods where Nainie, the son of a dryad and a shadow spirit, has come of age to take a wife. He longs for the woman in white who lives across the river, but venturing beyond his clan’s boundaries is forbidden...
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In the Willow Woods - Oikoni Stone
Change, forgiveness, and love in a war-torn world are hard to come by. Bent on vengeance and answers, Treila leaves the safety of Telen City to seek out the mysterious dark-winged angel responsible for her sister's death. She's unwilli...
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A Walk Between Worlds
In the darkness of my mind, just before release, I see stars so very far away, stars I should have touched and held and captured, stars I abandoned by signing on as a working girl at Robby’s Chattel in Nevada. Anne lazes through her Wedn...
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My Guy
She’s been able to fix everything in her life, but his heart may be beyond repair. A great condo in New York City, a fabulous job at Tele-Corp Limited, and a future filled with certainty, wasn’t enough for Maya Evans. She longed t...
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Country Love
So many treasures to take, so much chaos to create. Even love cannot stop her. After her father pushes her too far, Althyn Laethwyn, who was raised in isolation by her mother on an unnamed island, grows into a dangerous tyrant to be reckoned w...
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Althyn and the Othian Dagger
Mary and Sam, whose paths parted years before, are thrown into a hilarious mix-up when an overly zealous demon decides to play the role of an angel. Malarak breaks the rules of Heaven and Hell in an attempt to reunite the two lovers he thinks belong ...
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Demon's Redemption
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Running away from her sorrow in search of a childhood memory that brought her comfort opens up a world of dark possibilities for Rainee Chambers. Rainee has entered a home she remembers from her childhood, and upon her return, she is reunited ...
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The Skeleton's Shadow
In this mystical world, a sinister leader has taken over and threatens to destroy all that is beautiful, colorful, and wild. Lars, a captain in Hareth's army, rediscovers what it means to be free when he comes across his lost love during a cit...
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Last Kiss of the Clan Dancer
Journey to the cursed, desert city of Kaladia where Shahzar, heir to the throne, faces an arcane rite to attain her position as Queen. She must bear a child sired by the failing Shan-Sei Temple’s bishop. Raised by her cold but caring uncle, ...
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Enter the basement’s forgotten darkness and reach for the light of redemption. Find love and passion in an unlikely mate. Dare to look beyond what you see. Emme has inherited her estranged father’s estate and vows to clean out all the ev...
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Demon in the Basement
From the moment she sets down the juice container and decides to be impulsive for the first time ever, Cammie Sorenson’s predictable life changes. Deciding on a male escort, a simple body to sit by her at the Mercer Lab company party, is a m...
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Mercer's Rebellion: Derrick 7744
In an English town budding with the new religion at Christmastime, an old god still shows up in the darkest of places. One such ancient setting is the Darkwood Forest just outside the meadow near Levinia’s home. After her husband is lost in ...
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Wolf's Gift
Nadia Templeton has a man everyone else seems to want. He’s handsome, well-off and takes care of her. Ruben controls her life so much that she’s giving up who she is to please him. While strolling through the ruins of the Acropolis in ...
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God in the Stone
A young woman suffering from nightmares... A vampire awakened from boredom to find a new toy... Zale and Victoria, two unlikely lovers. Find out what nightmares lurk... In the Moon's Light. Get lost in the darkness of Victoria&...
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In the Moon's Light
Unhappy in his simple life of work and more work, Hiram Oversher decides it’s time to find a bride and make a new life for himself. When he passes through the gateway he’s been warned about since childhood not to enter, his body awaken...
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Hiram's Secret
Born into a life of poverty to a mother who doesn’t love her, Angela doesn’t have much hope. One night, a stranger offers her a few comforting words, but little does she know he will change her life forever. She struggles to make her o...
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Blood Angel
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Elgar left his home in the Grimfer Mountains to start a new life away from goblinkind. In the village of Fairbrook he finds a steady market for his wares, a fine burrow in the woods nearby, and something he never counted on: a bride. She pleads fo...
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Goblin's Bride
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Garrett is determined to win Del over, even if he has to tie her up to convince her he’s what she needs. When Del meets a handsome cowboy at a guest ranch in Arizona while on a business trip, she has no intention of forming a relationshi...
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