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I write for the sake of progression.

I wrote my first novel, "Zephyr," as a nineteen year-old student in community college with only a used pen and a cheap composition book I had purchased from the local convenience store. I wrote during class (sorry, professors) and during any moment when I had spaer time. I filled up the entire notebook, from cover to cover, and never held any regrets.

After I was able to afford a laptop, I re-wrote the entire novel and published it on, making it available for Kindle readers. During that time, I completed my B.A.. in Philosophy and completed one (1) full year of law school, until going on sabbatical due to my wife's first pregnancy. I am now pursuing my M.F.A. in Creative Writing (I mean, why not?) and am currently working on my second novel, due in early Spring.

I was influenced by my upbringing in a single-mother home, as well as being surrounded by countless works of classical literature. I was completely enthralled by the beautiful illustrations that needed no picture to describe, as well as the riveting plots and realistic characters in every novel I have read. My writing style is greatly influenced by the intellectual authors of the past, long gone but never forgotten. I made a pledge to produce literature that does not insult the readers' emotions, nor create characters that seem unrealistic or mannequin in demeanor.

Most importantly, I made a promise to always remember my background, and to never compromise my enjoyment of literature, nor will I ever sell-out my preferences for intelligent literary works in order to make a quick buck. I hope that I am able to share my passion for great reading with my audience. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Thank you and God bless!

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