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Stephen King, in the introduction to the 2005 re-issue of ‘Salem’s Lot wrote, 'Writing controlled fiction is called "plotting". Buckling your seatbelt and letting the story take over, however... that is called "storytelling". Storytelling is as natural as breathing; plotting is the literary version of artificial respiration’, and that pretty much sums up Andy’s own brand of writing. His stories have plots, but they are plots that evolve from the characters, plots that develop as the characters do once a key idea is conceived. From 2001-2009, Andy’s own writing journey encompassed many projects, including; • 'The Legacy'; a Doctor Who spin off that he created and edited for five years. • 'Pantechnicon'; a horror, fantasy and science fiction eZine he founded and directed alongside Trudi Topham (featuring many big names, such as Stephen Gallagher, Simon Clark and Michael Marshall Smith). • Three commissioned stories for the official Doctor Who Short Trips Anthologies, published by Big Finish; 'The Dead Man’s Story', 'Sedna' and 'The Misadventure of Mark Thorne'. • 'The Lunar Inheritence' (co-authored with Richard Dinnick), the last release for Noise Monster Production’s Space 1889 audio drama series. This year Andy has returned to the writing fold in force, recently seeing him become a part of Untreed Reads’ stable of authors with the release of two tales of the macabre; • ‘Off Flesh’, published July 2010 • ‘One Mistake’, published August 2010. On Monday 15th November 2010, he relaunched 'Legacy' as a series of print novels, under his own Frankallen Books imprint, with the intention or releasing every story from the original online run in a whole newly edited and revised vision. Each book is in aid of Cancer Research, with all contributors' profits going to that charity. Also under the Frankallen Books imprint he's currently releasing a serialised novel, Vampire Knight, on his blog, The Welsh-Londoner. He has a few more tales in the pipeline, both short stories and novellas, and is in the midst of developing an ongoing series of eNovellas due for release early 2011. Also coming early 2011, in both print (published by Hirst Books) and electronic format (published by Untreed Reads) is ‘Seeker’, Book One in the four-book Garden series of novels.
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For Nathanial Stone and Annabelle Somerset, the most harrowing journey has only just begun! At long last, Nathanial and Annabelle are back on Earth, but the reception is hardly what they hoped for–Nathanial locked up in Chatham Convict ...
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Conspiracy of Silence (Space: 1889 & Beyond: Season Two #1)

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