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What happens when good and evil don’t so much collide as merely annoy each other? Which, when young men are involved, quite often means that they really want to get to know each other. Ash, a low level demon, and Cas, a low level angel,...
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Ash Gray: Blurred Clarity
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Just because Zed Roxbury is hearing voices doesn’t mean he’s insane.  And if he is, all of his friends are joining him. Surely doing a favor for a friend should bring good karma, but a fun 4th July holiday turns into much mor...
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Just Lucky That Way
What happens when a shy accountant goes from being invisible to Mr. Popularity? He gets scared… and lucky, that’s what. Spencer Whitfield is used to being ignored. When explicit Post-It notes regularly start appearing on his com...
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Neon Yellow: Obsessive Adhesives
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No home, no more job - such as it was, anyway - and his only possession is the pair of leather pants he ran away in. Things can only get better from here. Right? But what Ajay doesn't realize is that better isn't necessarily good enough. He meets Cam...
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Vanilla: The Dominant Ingredient
As the anniversary of his lover (and Dom's) death approaches, Avery Miller decides to take a friend's advice and rejoin the land of the living and invites his seasonal neighbor over for dinner. Avery isn't looking to replace Rile...
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Mist Gray: Falling Apart Falling Together

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