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Angela Aaron writes adult contemporary romance with a fantasy twist. Her stories have stormy courtships, intriguing secrets, magic, mystery, enough steam to curl your toes and plenty of romance to warm your heart. Her stories provide the perfect escape.

A Note From Angela Aaron

Contemporary Romance with a Fantasy Twist!


Current Releases

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The Ghost Shadowstone Legend 2
The past and present meet, a lover's secret is revealed, and doors to forbidden places open as the Shadowstone's power awakens. A romance full of magic, mystery and sizzle! Cailen is thrust in to the mystical role of Guardian by an ancient...
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The Guardian ~ Shadowstone Legend
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When Andrea's boyfriend presents her with a romantic cruse through the Mediterranean on Cupid Cruise Lines, it seems just the inspirational backdrop needed for him to finally pop the question.  However, when her boyfriend is a no-show and se...
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A Mediterranean Affair
The Fire of Beltane Where the past is real, when the impossible becomes possible and dreams come true…literally. When Aedan is denied his soul mate that fateful Beltane night, he is given the gift of immortality, permitting him to wait for...
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The Fire of Beltane
When Cassie Douglas unknowingly arrives at a sultry tropical island resort where the sole business is to provide the perfect pleasure fantasy, Cassie finds it difficult to overcome her inhibitions and join in the fun. When she meets the sexy resort o...
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Pleasure Island

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