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Angela Cameron is an accomplished artist and the author of several published works,ranging from paranormal romance to erotica to suspense. She’s a huge fan of both chocolate and peanut butter. She listens to more rock music than anyone her age probably should.
A Note From Angela Cameron

Thanks so much for stopping by. Please stop by my blog, browse around the site to get inside information on the newest works, the secret and torrid histories of the characters, and more.

I look forward to meeting you, so drop me a note!

Angela Cameron
Current Releases
The second in this Italian mafia style erotic romance series follows Jonas, the new garante in the vampiro cosca, as he tries to adjust to life under the new leader, avoiding that leader's tasty human, and running his own bondage club.
Available Now!
Blood & Sex, Vol. 2: Jonas
A totally original—and spinechillingly sexy—tale of a vampire Mafia and the detective who is determined to bring it to justice…  Detective Victoria Tyler is investigating Collins Bay’s new serial killer, one of the ci...
Available Now!
Blood & Sex, Vol. 1: Michael

A Peek Into the Life of Angela Cameron

I just like this photo.

I just like this photo.
The favorite of my sketches.

The favorite of my sketches.

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