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Angela Fiddler is the occasional pen name of Barbara Geiger. Barbara didn’t learn that she had lived in three out of the four Northern Alberta towns that had a known or suspected Wendigo attack until well after she’d moved south to Lethbridge. She grew up loving ghost stories and pony books, and spent most of her summers on the British Columbia coast, where she fell in love with the ocean.  

As Angela Fiddler, she has written The Master of the Lines series as well as Cy and his sex demon problem books. As Barbara Geiger, she has written The Tempest trilogy, starting with Coral Were his Bones, which exists in the same universe as the Middle Hill series, starting with Changeling, as well as various other novellas and short stories. 

When she’s not following the exploits of selkies, sex demons and vampires, she writes epic fantasy and makes the occasional foray into science fiction and short stories.

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For most vampire masters like Vision, their lieutenants are the solution to, and the cause of, most of their problems. Then Vision met Hanz, who took the problem--and Vision--in hand. Hanz may be on top in the bedroom, but Vision's talent in the ...
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Master of the Lines
Pleasure or pain? The Dose. On paper, it’s a mild mood enhancer that takes the edge of drudgery and keeps workers happy. But people are killing to get it and dying of an impossible disease to make it. Tavish has come home to the corporate minin...
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The Bright Side of Midnight
A whole lot of things were looking up the afternoon Jake dropped by Mark's ranch just outside of Calgary one hot afternoon in August several years ago. The need to go up into the hay loft and do what's been done in hay lofts for thousands of ...
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Forgotten Favour
Cory has always been mercurial; passionate one second and frozen the next, but when he was hot, he was scorching. Luke had brought him up as a vampire but couldn’t keep him the first time around. Now evil’s come on an arctic wind, and the...
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Gift of the Raven
Years of training have turned Bastian into a sublimely sexual weapon, capable of pulling magic to enthrall. His mission is to captivate the overlord, then kill him, when years of violent revolts had failed. Vashi wasn’t meant for Bastian’...
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The Devil You Know
Keeping a sex demon happy and well fucked is always the safest option, even if you have your own relationship issues. When saving the world on a regular basis, a happy home is very important. Cy’s job as an apocalypse stopper isn’t an ...
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The Care and Feeding of Sex Demons
The job started just like any job… Find heir to billionaire fortune, check. Bust up demon brothel sanctioned by the head boss person, no-problemo. Pissing off a well-positioned member of the fae court is all in a night’s work, but fin...
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Cy Gets A Sex Demon
Janus has a pretty good life, for a vampire. In the vast, interlocking system of vampire hierarchies and allegiances, his responsibilities are more like guidelines and his master is nothing if not indulgent. Life can be brutal, but the sex is great. ...
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Whether Hanz tells Vision in exquisite detail exactly how the sex is going to happen where, when and with what or he just snaps his fingers and points to the ground, Vision gladly kneels and obeys because he can. Sex with Hanz, regardless of the leat...
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Love didn’t just kick you when it were down; it staked you out and turned you into a vampire. Not that Vision was bitter. His ex-lover taught him nothing lasts forever, while his ex-master taught him to submit and the fine art of not resisting ...
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Ever since Janus took in Lyall, the only sticky situations he found himself in involved duct tape and maple syrup. All that changes when a new elder, Lore, enters the picture. His brutal touch can absorb power and talent from anything or anyone he wa...
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Kane wants Jinx. Jinx wants Kane. Nothing should be more simple, but of course, nothing ever is. Kane is bound to the vampire Larkin, despite him being human, and his compulsion forbids him from touching Jinx while all the while yearning for Larkin. ...
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When the call comes in the middle of the night — disturbing what had been a hot, sticky dream — Chris’s troubles should have been over. The bad guy who was responsible for a series of late night attacks is dead, the waiter a hero. E...
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