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Angel de Amor

Angel de`Amor is a Chicago native. She has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. As a Senior Accountant for real-estate companies for the past eleven years, in her day job she focuses on budgets, reports, and financial statements, and in her free time she continued to be an avid reader.

Angel’s love of reading began in her early teens, she started with magazines and short stories, and soon moved into romance novels. A hopeless romantic, Angel reads at least thirty books a year and when she finally started to write her own stories, Angel stayed true to her passion.
Filled with temptation and forbidden love affairs, His Betrayal Her Lies chronicles the journey of a young woman trying to live up to everyone’s expectations--her family, friends and companion—but neglecting to follow her own heart.

Angel prides herself on writing about everyday issues that face real people. She is currently hard at work on Kept Secrets, the sequel to His Betrayal Her Lies.

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