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Corporate retreats are dull at best, but when Carla is sent on one as a punitive measure, she isn't expecting anything to come of it, except a pink slip. High in the Ozark mountains, nothing is quite as it seems and reality skews in interestin...
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Fruits of Thine
On the Nightside of Memphis, werewolves teach college, zombies load trucks and private investigator D.J. is hard at work finding missing persons, solving cases and drinking herself into an early grave. Then Bran walks into her office, asking for h...
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Spellbound Desire
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Debut of the hot new writing team of Darren Bloomquist & Angelia Sparrow!! Be sure to check out Angelia's best-seller from Amber Allure, Man-Hunt.....   Two years ago, Sean O'Neill's wife, Tara--the ace ...
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Hard Reboot
June is too fine a month for a man to die. So when Thomas Lanton is informed that he's finally facing execution for the murder of his brother-in-law, he manages a prison break and flees. For a while, Thomas's good luck holds out, and the a...
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Ten tales of lesbian adventure take you from the far reaches of the galaxy to the science fiction convention down the road, from a steampunk west to a world where the Confederacy got nukes. Come along and fall in love with a waitress or a pirate o...
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Oren Stolt understands the natural order better than most people. Vampires prey on humans and Undying keep the vampires' numbers in check. Until now. Now, across the United States, vampire numbers are exploding, thanks to a new churc...
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Power in the Blood
  Arthur works in the freak-show at a traveling carnival. Billed as the 'teddy bear boy', he gets no small amount of attention, but he's not the only one wowing audiences with his half-animal physique. Fellow animal construct,...
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Songs for Guitar and French Harp
When food supplies run low in their large family, Molly and her two older but less capable sisters are sent away by their parents, forced to fend for themselves. Molly soon realizes she must put her skills to the test in order to save them all, fr...
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Worth the Woe
Net runner Shelby failed a run and was captured by The Wheelman. Now, he serves the Wheelman as an Immortal, a quadruple amputee kept alive by machines while his mind runs the Net, searching for bits of data, corporate secrets and access codes. In...
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Swimming Through the Net
Captain Salzoran and his merry crew haunt the spacelanes, taking what prizes they can. Years earlier, a chance encounter with a star yacht owned by one of the three Great Houses in the galaxy left Salzoran with a pretty green-eyed virgin boy in hi...
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Breathe Deep
Privateer's Treasure by Angelia Sparrow and Naomi Brooks Under a steamy Barbados sun, Nathaniel makes an impulse purchase that will change the course of his entire life as a privateer. Pierced to the core by the sad blue eyes of the young man on t...
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Privateer's Treasure
Henry Toben needs the sky like his ancestors needed the sea. He works as a certified master boilerman aboard a luxury airship, taking wealthy folks from Kansas City to San Francisco, until the day his ship crosses the path of Captain Meriwether Vo...
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Sky Rat

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