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Anita K Davison

Born in London, the city's colourful history has always fascinated me, especially the 16th and 17th Centuries. At one time I haunted the National Portrait Gallery, where a painting of James Scott, Duke of Monmouth, caught my attention.

The tragedy of this illegitimate son of Charles II fascinated me, so I chose it as a backdrop to a story about an Exeter girl and her family, who are caught up in the Rebellion of 1685. Duking Days Rebellion was published.  The sequel, Duking Days Revolution is due for release in 2008


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Culloden Spirit

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Trencarrow Secret
Helena Woulfe Palmer has put the horrors of the Monmouth Rebellion behind her and looks forward to life as the wife of Guy Palmer. But her brother, Aaron is in Holland with the Prince of Orange, and surely what he plans is treason? Her younger bro...
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Duking Days Revolution
Helena Woulfe, the daughter of a wealthy Exeter nobleman leads a privileged life. However, King Charles II’s reign ends, so does her innocence. Rebellion sweeps the West Country and after the devastaing defeat at Sedgemoor, Helena takes to ...
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Duking Days Rebellion

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