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Ann Grech moved to the Gold Coast as a teenager with her family.  She completed secondary school and university on the Gold Coast.  After graduating, Ann worked as a solicitor for 10 years.


During that time, Ann experienced the trials and tribulations of practicing as a solicitor: the grinding workload, pressure and stress and the pride in seeing a project finished and her small contribution making a difference to her clients.  Ann had the benefit of fantastic mentors and great colleagues, together with a few challenging ones.


Ann transitioned away from practising as a solicitor into academia.  She is now a university lecturer, completing a PhD in law and a part-time erotic romance writer. 


Ann always dreamed of being a writer.  Her full time job allows her to publish academic articles in her area of expertise, but her passion has always been reading a broad spectrum of fictional writing.  While on parental leave she challenged herself to write a novel (and cross something off the bucket list).  Being in love with her husband of nearly 13 years, a romance novel seemed like a natural selection.  She is now addicted to writing and plans on writing a lot more.

A Note From Ann Grech

I get a lot of enjoyment out of creating a character and a story that captivates the reader.  I fall in love with my characters and I hope that my readers do too.  I love seeing the comments that people leave on Amazon so please, please, please, rate my books and leave your feedback on them.

Adversaries' Love, the finale in Nicholas and Emma's story, is due to be released on Amazon by the end of March 2014.

Keep your eyes out for my future books which are spin offs from Adversaries Lust', Adversaries' Pain and Adversaries' Love:

  • 'Delectable' which follows the story of Katy (Nicholas Daniels' cousin), her partner Levi and their best friend Connor
  • 'Physical Attraction' which follows the story of Robyn and Mike (Emma and Nicholas' closest friends)
Current Releases
Emma Wilson and Nicholas Daniels have had a whirlwind romance and discovered love, an explosive sex life and happiness together.  After proposing to Emma, Nicholas introduces her to his mother.  Mrs Daniels’ reception towards Emma is ...
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Adversaries' Love
Emma Wilson and Nicholas Daniels have discovered a passion and sensuality in their young relationship, but that happiness is shattered when a life changing event happens to Emma.  Emma will use all her strength to attempt to recover her equilibr...
Available Now!
Adversaries' Pain
Emma Wilson had no idea that taking on this particular case would change her life.  And that’s a good thing, a change that she desperately needs.  Her days are running into one, exhaustion overtaking her.  Desperately lonely but ...
Available Now!
Adversaries' Lust
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