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Ann Lister is a native New Englander currently living on the island of Martha's Vineyard with her husband Robert Lister.  She has pulled details from her years living in the New England area and uses many local settings and landmarks in her novels.

After graduating art school, marrying, and raising two daughters, she established her own video production company.  Her nearly two decades working in video production included work within the music industry and won her a coveted Telly Award.  It is this 'behind-the-scenes' exposure to the music world that inspire many of her novels.  

Her titles currently in print are, Sheet Music: A Rock 'n' Roll Love Story, For All The Right Reasons, Without A Doubt, An Early Spring, and "Covered In Lace: The Lacey Sheridan Story".

A sixth novel, "Fall For Me", released in May 2013 and is Book One in the Rock Gods series.  Book Two in this series is expected in the Fall of 2013.

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Current Releases
Entertainment journalist, Ryan Pierce, meets the infamous bad-boy rocker, Dagger Drummond, and walks away with a great interview and a scandalous news bit that has the potential to turn the music world on its ear. Exposing the story would boost Ry...
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Fall For Me
Rock queen, Lacey Sheridan, heads to the Berkshires for a summer spent recording a new studio album. The landlord of her lakeside cottage, Flynn Beckett, is a vision straight from one of her naughtiest sex dreams. She's never worked this hard ...
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Covered In Lace: The Lacey Sheridan Story
With a blizzard bearing down on Colorado's Sun Ridge Ski Resort, Nick Gaffney went to work with the Search and Rescue Team. What should have been a standard rescue for Nick evacuating the mountainside cabins turns into something much more life...
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An Early Spring
  **Parental Discretion is Advised. Calista Anderson is a young Boston-based romance author. She is sent to Martha's Vineyard by her editor to concentrate on her next novel. Almost immediately upon her arrival, Callie meets Jackson Br...
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Without A Doubt
Sydney Willows is a professional photographer with a long list of world famous musicians as clients.  She's blond, ambitious, and about to shoot the most lucrative job of her career when she meets Ben Gallo, lead singer and guitarst ...
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For All The Right Reasons
Annie Logan and her band, White Rush, have been waiting years for their big break. Taking a last chance at stardom, Annie enters them into a ‘battle of the bands contest’ and wins an opportunity to perform with the legendary rock band,...
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Sheet Music, A Rock 'n' Roll Love Story

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