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Facing the things you run from can either release you, or snap the fragile tether that keeps you grounded in the center of the storm. Abandonment, neglect, drugs and a little blood letting. Dodge Landry and his fifteen-year-old son, Chris have...
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The Center of the Storm
He was raised to be moral and ethical—he was created to be neither. Quinn Riley wasn’t born. He was created. Constructed of artificial DNA, he is designed as the perfect soldier, explorer and assassin. His purpose  is clear&h...
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Socrate's Child
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The Coyote's Song
Sometimes deceit is easier to believe than the truth. Montana Thomas falls asleep with the woman he loves in his arms but wakes next to her bloody corpse. With the murder weapon in his hand and no memory of what happened, he needs his brother to h...
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Through the Glass

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