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What could be better than laughter and sex? Writing about them every day comes pretty close. If those are two of your favorite topics also, welcome to my world!

I was informed by my webmaster that this is the page on the website where I’m supposed to explain how I got the way I am. Truthfully, I don’t really know. My childhood was no more dysfunctional than average. I can’t really think of one factor that singled me out as a writer.

My family, of course, has a different perspective. They might quietly inform you that I was a strange and disturbing child who spent a lot of time alone in my room, talking to myself. Wrong! I was conversing with the voices emanating from my bedroom walls.

A product of suburban Long Island, I summered in a small town in the High Plains where the days were long and lazy with plenty of time to create. So what if most of those creations were fashioned out of discarded coffin boxes? I might not have played in them if any of the adults had bothered to tell me.

The daughter of an airline pilot, I traveled a lot and became addicted to the aroma of jet fuel…

Is it quiet in here or is it just me?

You may disagree, but I really don’t think it was the mysterious voices, the coffin boxes, or the hydrocarbon poisoning that made a romance writer of me. I think it was the innate dreaminess, the lifelong yearning for adventure and the hunger everyone has for ferreting out the one person in the world who makes your heart pound–the person you can’t stop talking with long enough to sleep, the person who laughs at your jokes then returns the favor.

Falling in love is the riskiest journey of all. I hope you’ll relish my characters’ escapades. They might be completely neurotic, comically obsessive, or wonderfully weird black sheep, but like us all, they just want to be loved.

Bon voyage!

Current Releases

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A Lick and A Promise
The minute Arnie Simpson lays eyes on Ava Ward, he decides the MD after her name stands for Major Deviant. Her slender figure, white hair and unearthly intelligence make him want to lock limbs with her. Badly. If only he could be sure she wouldn't ea...
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Out of This World
Lorna Merryfield lives for her job so completely she plans a work-related celebration on New Year's Eve. Unfortunately, the small plane carrying her there breaks down. And the near-death rush of the emergency landing has an unexpectedly fiery effect&...
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Miss Behavior
When independent and fun-loving flight attendant Lea Harding meets Coop Masterson, tight-ass air marshal and superhero savior, her first instinct is to run like the wind. But Coop has a relaxed, sensual side that captivates her, and soon what she wan...
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Coffee, Tea or Lea?
When fellow airline pilots Jack Grayson and Kira Allen barrel down the runway into white-hot lust, Kira proposes a frisky flight plan. They'll fulfill each other's sexual fantasies during layovers and revert back to friendship at home. Footloose by c...
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