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Anna Durand

Anna Durand is an award-winning author of sizzling romances, including the bestseller Scandalous in a Kilt, a bronze medal winner in the 2018 Readers' Favorite Book Awards. Anna loves writing about spunky heroines and hunky heroes, in settings as diverse as modern Chicago and the fairy realm.

Making use of her master's in library science, she owns a cataloging services company that caters to indie authors and publishers. In her free time, you'll find her binge-listening to audiobooks, playing with puppies, or crafting jewelry.

Current Releases
Cold days. Steamy nights. It must be the holidays in the Highlands. When an American ex-Marine falls for a Scottish lass, the sparks are explosive. But Gavin Douglas botches his proposal, leaving Jamie MacTaggart hurt and angry. She makes a differ...
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Gift-Wrapped in a Kilt
A free-spirited American. An uptight hot Scot. When passion ignites, no rules can survive the heat. An office drudge by day, a free spirit by night... For Emery Granger, getting laid off from her job as a computer programmer liberated her from imp...
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Scandalous in a Kilt
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A pragmatic human gifted with powerful magic... Lindsey Porter may be a mere mortal, but six weeks ago she proved she's a force to be reckoned with after destroying the mad king of the sylphs. Now she's stuck with magical powers she doesn&...
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The Mortal Fires
Calli Douglas has avoided romance for five years, bound by a promise she never should've made to a man she doesn't love. Now, he refuses to let her go. When she leaves her backwoods hideaway to attend her cousin's wedding, Calli has no in...
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Wicked in a Kilt
He sets women ablaze, but the only one he needs may be fireproof. Humiliated by her cheating ex, control freak Mel Thompson has resolved to avoid sex and romance. But her plans skid off the rails on her birthday, when she overindulges in champagne...
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Fired Up
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A pragmatic human thrown into a world of magic... Lindsey Porter fled from her traumatic past, determined to lay low, but now someone has framed her for murder. The quest for answers leads her into a parallel realm where magic reigns, and with a...
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The Mortal Falls
** special pre-order price of $0.99 ** Feisty American. Hot Scot. Passion ignites. Good-girl Erica Teague is out on bail, charged with a crime her ex-lover committed. Her desperate bid to experience one wild night of sizzling sex, before her ...
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Dangerous in a Kilt
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Mel Thompson just dumped her cheating ex after two years together. Now she's determined to understand the allure of casual sex by having a steamy fling of her own at a notoriously raunchy underground club. When her best friend, Adam Caras, catche...
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Tempted By A Kiss
** Book 2 in the multi-award-winning Psychic Crossroads series ** Ultimate power comes at the ultimate price. Torn apart by their haunted pasts, Grace Powell and her fiancé David Ransom are struggling to reclaim their passionate bond. Sh...
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A passion that outlasts time itself… Dawn and her lover Jake Maxwell share a sizzling bond even death can't sever, reunited through his reincarnation and her awakening after three thousand years as a mummy. They're on the run from R...
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Reborn to Avenge
-- Rated 8.8 out of 10 by RomCon readers -- "My life ended three thousand years ago, and I can't go home again." After three thousand years as a mummy, Dawn awakened to a dangerous new reality where science and the supernatural co...
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Reborn to Burn
-- Rated 8.2 out of 10 by RomCon readers & 4.3 stars by Amazon customers -- "If they find out you're alive, they'll kill you." She woke up drowning — inside a glass tank in a laboratory straight out of a science fict...
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Reborn to Die
** Book 1 in the award-winning Psychic Crossroads series ** "They want your mind!" Grace Powell awakened one day with no memory of the previous eight months. Now a relentless enemy hunts her but, blinded by amnesia, she has no clue wh...
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