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After years of reading romance novels with pretty much every dialog, plot, nuance & every everything ingrained in my brain, it hit me that I've, perhaps, been too busy reading when I could have also been writing. And why the hell not! SO, I wrote a little book. An old fashioned Mill & Boon type. It's published by Smashwords. It hasn't received any awards yet but I'm hopeful, Not!
Anyway, I had so much fun. Who knew writing could be so exciting. I vaguely recall groan-fests in school when asked to turn in essays. Now, I wonder why.
I am currently writing my second book which is about 75% complete.
I've read all genres of romance novels but in the end I keep returning to the Mills & Boon/Harlequin type novels. They are colorful little jelly beans to be savoured one by one.

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