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Annette Francine resides in the metropolitan Phoenix area. After writing romantic suspense intended for traditional publishers, but discovering that she could not suppress the Christian themes that persisted in her books, she fully subjected herself to the direction of her muse.

While she hopes that her readers find her stories both encouraging and uplifting, her characters do not always portray and should not be expected to reflect good examples of Christian behavior nor her own attitudes.

It is important to the author to help others and improve the circumstances of those in need. At least half of the proceeds from her novels are donated to Care, St Mary's Food Bank, and the Wounded Warriors Project.

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Eyes of a Stranger
From the Shadows

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Just a word of warning: although my stories have a Christian theme running through them, they do contain explicit sex scenes and language. "Conservative" Christians may take offense, but that is not my intention. Thanks

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After being chased off the highway by a maniac for no discernible reason, then stranded in the snow on the wilderness road she took to evade him, how can Melanie Harris not fall for the handsome and caring man who rescues her from an icy death? Li...
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Eyes of a Stranger
Since losing her husband in combat, Kendall Smith has forged an independent and satisfying life, running catamaran excursions around the reefs surrounding Key West. As a devout Christian, faith and morality guide her. So when she suspects her new ...
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From the Shadows

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From the Shadows available in print and ebook at Amazon and CreateSpace

In e-book at Amazon; Barnes & Noble Smashwords as well as other online retailers

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