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Reader, author, wife, parent and grandmother, I fit it all in my busy life. I've moved over forty times, lived in six states, and worked in jobs as varied as fast food, warehousing, and executive secretary. Now officially retired, I started writing in 2005 when I found myself at loose ends after yet another move.

To date I have twenty published titles ranging from a short
story-- Everything Lovers Can Know--to a plus novel, Love
. There are three series so far--Mystic Valley,
Flowers of Camelot, and Tuatha Treasures. I am currently
working on a new Mystic Valley romance~ Tracer’s Melody and the third book for my Celtic based mystical series~ Copper Cauldron--Tuatha Treasures 3.

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Current Releases
[Siren Classic: Erotic Fantasy Romance, HEA] When Russet McGinnis and Maxen Pryce take on the responsibility for a late-season archeological dig, their quest for more artifacts is cut short when an early nor'easter forces them to clo...
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Shadows on Stone
When Beauregard Barker must leave his military career behind due to injuries, he takes refuge at the Phantom's Rest RV Park, expecting no more than a place to recover. He little suspects he will actually use the skills from his former life as ...
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Phantom's Rest
When ex-soldier Poussé receives an unexpected job offer from the mysterious Waterloo Group, she doesn’t question the providential timing. Twelve hours later she wishes she had, when she’s captured by two sexy blue-skinned warrio...
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Blue Paradise
CATEGORY: Paranormal Romance, Vampire, Menage. ELEMENTS: Adult Situations and Language, Intercourse Involving Multiple Partners, Strong Sexual Content, Violence. HEAT LEVEL: Fire Opal LENGTH: Category Bootcamp class seems to be the answer to h...
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Alpheli Solution

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