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I'm a new writer, and at the moment, my primary focus is erotica. I spent years working in academic labs, but when I moved out of the city, I decided it was time for another job. Currently unemployed, I'll be looking for part time work after the wedding (July 28th, squee!). I love to read, and I loved to write too, but I never really knuckled down to do it until the last year or so.

I live in the suburbs, with my awesome fiance, and very large dog. I love reading, terrible movies on SyFy, plants, and weird things that you find in living at the bottom of the ocean.

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Carla has a problem. She keeps groping men on the bus on her way home from work. It doesn't matter how dry her sex life has been, it's no excuse for molesting men on the bus. Then one day a man follows her off the bus and asks her on a dat...
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Love on the 500
Please note: This is a short story of about 4,500 words. Wanda is devastated after her nasty divorce. With an evening to herself, she decides to take a hot bath and put on some sexy lingerie, just for her. Little does she know that lurking in...
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The Altar of Deimos

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