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Anya Byrne is first and foremost a longtime fan of erotic romance. Starting to write her own stories was a natural progression of her devotion for the genre. Years after she put pen to paper in that very first book, she is just as enthusiastic and let’s face it, somewhat obsessive about erotic romance and all that it entails. She is steadfast in the belief that there’s nothing quite as hot as an amazing hero, except more amazing heroes engaged in heroic man-on-man lovin’. She has branched out into the field of self-publishing to convince even more readers of this fact. Hopefully, she will succeed :).

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The day his brother-in-law Gavin gives birth, Finn Simmons receives an unexpected phone call. Gavin's little brothers need his help, and their social worker, Parker Knight, requests a meeting. With Gavin and Saul busy with their new son, it's...
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Lone Wolf Pack 3. Expecting His Alpha's Child
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Everyone knows taking a roommate is a lottery. For Corey Ferguson, it's been way more. Corey's had to live for months with the hottest, most amazing guy he's ever met. And while eye candy is always nice, his roommate Sebastian is also rid...
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Mate Wooing 1. The Werewolf's Roomie
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Jessie Orwell has a secret. He likes a little pain with his pleasure, and he craves the freedom he can only find in another man’s domination. But that secret has cost him, and now, he no longer dares to indulge in his true needs. One night o...
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Lone Wolf Pack 2. Knocked Up by His Werewolf Dom
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Gavin Price has had enough. He’s lost countless relationships because he can’t seem to take that last step into intimacy. Never again. He’s going to get rid of his pesky virginity. It’s a simple enough plan. Go into a club,...
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Lone Wolf Pack 1. Pregnant with His Werewolf's Baby
Rain Enderton is a half-human hybrid in a quandary. Rejected by his alien mother’s people, he tries to find a place for himself on Earth, seeking a purpose to replace the affection he never received. That is, until he is kidnapped by space p...
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Hachti Warriors 1. Sold to the Man in the Purple Fur

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