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Tensions run high as the final battle with The Protectors approaches. Secrets are uncovered and new allies arise. With the help of her vampire lover, Victor Harlow, and their friends, Candi needs to prepare for the coming battle, a battle she might n...
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The Protectors
It’s a race against time, Candi with the help of her friends and Vampire lover, Victor Harlow must follow cryptic clues to find the Prophecy. Secrets of the past are spilling into the present and danger is creeping closer. Nothing is as it s...
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: The Prophecy
Beth has always loved Mark. He was the boy of her dreams even though she was nothing more than his little sister's best friend. Now he's back from the military and looking at her differently. Though that could be the plate of lasagna she drop...
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Be Mine
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After serving in the Army, Candi Reynolds has returned home to her Grandmother's small town.  She hopes for a quiet life but instead finds mystery, murder, and an oh-so-hot vampire who leaves her questioning her feelings.   Searching ...
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Double Magick in the Falls

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