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April Moone

APRIL MOONE’s obsessive love of anime and manga (to be honest, anything Japanese) inevitably led her to the yaoi genre. She wrote for years for herself and online venues but never dreamed she’d see her own fantasies in print. While she’s not talking to the characters in her head, she loves reading, digging in her garden, riding her sports bike, or just playing with her two Australian Shepherds. Despite the naughty she writes, she blushes easily and can sometimes be found sporting a mane of purple.

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Manga artist Kobayashi Haru blushes easily and falls in love even more so. When he meets the aloof Sakurai Aki, he tries to convince himself he’s only interested in friendship. But the more he sees of his new friend, the more he's drawn ...
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F allen Sakura
Reckless, flamboyant Keigo is bisexual. Blunt, aloof Masaki is straight. Their conflicting personalities make them unlikely friends, but after some careful maneuvering on Keigo’s part and one strawberry-flavored kiss, Masaki gives more of hi...
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Strawberries and the Beast

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