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Arlene once served as a government executive for a  scary alphabet agency that makes citizens cringe. Now she devotes herself to writing novels where love, murder and infamy abound. She lives on Cape Cod and can be found roaming the tranquil beaches  with two big dogs in tow. She is the author of the Grace Quinn/Patrick Fong mystery series, and a stand alone romantic suspense INTRUSION which will be published 12-01-11 by Mainly Murder Press.

In 2012, Arlene will release DIE LAUGHING, a romantic mystery. Another mystery filled with love, intrigue and dastardly crime (SWANN DIVE), is in progress.



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Does true love ever die? Kai Buckley was everything to his young wife and she's devasted by his sudden death. Elisabeth Buckley retreats into a cocoon of self-pity that insulates her from pain and numbs her to reality. Her best friend's mu...
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