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Ashley is the author of seven novels, as well as three published stage adaptations of Jane Austen’s books. She lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband James and daughter Alexandria, and up until recently she and James ran their own Shakespearean theater company, Actors’ Renaissance Theatre. Shadow Fox is her first published novel, and its two sequels will be published with Champagne Books in 2011.
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Shadow Fox

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At the age of twenty-one, Nicholas Price has the world at his feet. He has just graduated from Oxford, he is heir to his father's title and fortune, and he is about to meet Ada Byron, the daughter of his idol Lord Byron. His life falls apart, ...
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In Byron's Shadow
In this sequel to Shadow Fox, Jared, after waiting his whole life to return home and learn who he really is, quickly discovers his world is much more complicated than he ever imagined. As the newly appointed Captain, he is now responsible for...
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Fox Rising
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Jared Bruin doesn’t know who he is. He remembers nothing of his early childhood before the age of seven when he was abandoned in a park in St. Louis, left in an unfamiliar world that terrified him. He knows only that he is driven to learn every...
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Shadow Fox

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