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Ashley Chunell

Ashley Chunell is a Romance and GLBT author.

Ashley grew up in Boston and has been writing her entire life. After penning numerous song lyrics, poems and short stories, she went on to write various articles and fan fictions, gaining much writing experience and grammar knowledge. She credits David Archuleta and soap operas as her two, main inspirations and helping her realize her talent for writing.

After writing about the things and people she loved, it wasn’t long until Ashley created her own characters and wrote and published her debut novel “Masterpiece” in November 2012, at the young age of 18. “Masterpiece” received 5-star reviews on Amazon.

In July 2013, Ashley published her second novel and first GLBT book, “A Melody in Harmony.” The novel received 5-star reviews on Amazon and was recommended by USA Today. Ashley chose to write a GLBT story after becoming very involved and committed to equal rights and wanted to tell a story focusing on fighting for equality and showcasing two, young men in love. Ashley went on to write and publish a sequel book, “New Melody, Same Harmony,” centered around marriage equality.

Ashley is a strong supporter of the organization Stand Up 2 Cancer and a dedicated member of the Crush Kids’ Cancer team. Ashley also supports the NOH8 Campaign, Charity Water and R-Word.

To Ashley, her characters are her children. She even chose the names Jacoby and Evangelina as her main characters in “Masterpiece” because those are the names she wants for her real-life children one day.

Ashley also puts real life into her books. A lot of the homophobia and ignorant remarks in the Noah and Ronan Series were based off a things Ashley heard and witnessed in real life, which made her stories all the more realistic to her.

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Current Releases
It’s the year 2023 and Melody Nash-Shea is 6 years old and ready to start kindergarten. Her dads — not so much. This story focuses on Noah and Ronan’s struggle as fathers when they send their daughter to school for the first t...
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Teaching A Melody
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It's been two years since Noah and Ronan got married. They've settled into their new home in Dublin, Ireland, started a new Club Clover nightclub and have very-much enjoyed their married life and their new chapter together. But after two y...
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A Miracle Melody
This sequel to “A Melody in Harmony” follows beloved characters Noah Nash and Ronan Shea, who just got married and are about to make a big move as part of the next chapter in their lives. Before they do, the two sit down and reminisce abo...
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New Melody, Same Harmony
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Henderson is a small, old-fashioned town. Growing up here proved tough for Noah Nash, as he knew the truth he lived would never be accepted in this town, even by his family. To him, all he had was his keyboard.  Until one day, that all change...
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A Melody in Harmony
Jac Prescott is an aspiring artist. After a rough past, Jac made a fresh start in San Diego when he got a job at a local art gallery, owned by one of the richest men in the city. It was an ordinary day at work when Jac’s life was turned upside ...
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