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Fabian, a ferret-shifter with wolven blood, takes a walk on the wild side and is rescued by Ashley, a cop who would rather go home alone to his cat, than play nursemaid to a runaway. Soul-mate recognition intervenes. When Fabian’s alpha, togeth...
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From Ferret With Love
Raxon, standing at a mere six feet two inches has always been made to feel inadequate, especially when he’s compared to his beautiful, brilliant brothers and dragon-lord father. To prove himself he takes on the most dangerous assignments for th...
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Dragon With the Boy Tattoo
The Adelaide national park is ablaze and fireman Ben O’Reilly is running for his life. When he is saved by a dragon and flown to a sanctuary of shapeshifters, Ben’s world is changed forever. Darren is no ordinary dragon and when he reveal...
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Angel In Yellow
Where there’s smoke, there’s fire… Brendan Tierney, a fireman, lives quietly in the outback Australian town of Greenhill. On the eve of his thirtieth birthday, when he and his crew respond to a fire, he is trapped by the flames....
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Fireman's Cat
Zefran is a witch-vampire, a duality of blood that dangerously complicates his life. He’s hired as the Monsters inK chef—on one condition that in exchange for his work, he is granted sanctuary. Zef believes that it will protect him fro...
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Love at First Lick
Vylet holds the fate of Andraa in her talons, but when she matches thrust for thrust with her human prisoner, captor becomes captive… Vylet hides a powerful secret, and only one man is destined to release her from her torment. Will Andraa rise...
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Vylet Ultra
  Is this a joke, or payback? Voltan space-trader, Devin, can’t believe that the Pleasure Dome has dispatched such a sex-mate. The younger man is so hairy and dirty, with a beard—for the stars’ sake! Not that Dev wants a...
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Star Crossed
In Adelaide, the city of churches, it’s the night of the hunter’s moon and the Blood-kin venture out to play. But things aren’t what they seem. Mirrazan is caught in a deadly confrontation with Ric, the cop, and a band of rogue v...
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Blood Immoral

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