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My writings have appeared in Niteblade and Silver Blade ezines, Emerald Tales, Wyvern Publication’s Dragtontales anthology, and the Night Bird Singing in the Dead of Night Anthology. My young adult fantasy book, Dreams of Beauty, is published by SynergEbooks and My short story collections are published by Gypsy Shadow Publishing. My Space Opera, Nebula’s Music, is coming out in 2010 at Lyrical Press. My  pirate story will be published in Bedazzeld Ink's Skulls and Crossbones anthology in January, 2010 and my short story, Song of the Bard, will be featured in Mindflights ezine in 2010.  Please stop by and visit her blog:
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Current Releases
Vira’s crystal ball only shows bleak and harsh truth. Visions of her own destiny haunt her, an inevitable night where ecstasy and horror are intertwined. In her future, she is reunited with her long lost love and then viciously murdered, her li...
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Seer's Destiny
Shasta is a cashier at a dead end job, living a loveless life in a creative and emotional slump. Everything changes when she follows the strange music outside her window at midnight and discovers the night dance, a dream walk where the participants d...
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Night Dance
 The Snow Queen has haunted the northern lands for generations using the temptation of a fabled paradise to lure men to their deaths. Can Barrow Tiln, a local farmer’s son melt her heart and set her free, or will she freeze his body and st...
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Seasons of Fantasy: Winter Queen
As a love fairy, Kira Flutter has been pairing couples up for centuries. She meets her match when a dashing young sailor arrives at her doorstep asking for his heart's desire. Will she grant him his wish, and usher him into the arms of another? Or wi...
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Seasons of Fantasy: Summer Sprite
Fleeing an arranged marriage, Elana Fallwater trespasses into a ring of toadstools and is spell cast. She becomes the Spring Maiden, eternally roaming the budding woods in a trance. Warren Cutter, an expert huntsman, has been tracking her for years a...
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Seasons of Fantasy: Spring Maiden
“Although Emme has never met him, his face appears every night in her dreams.” Emme, a demure young woman living on the fringes of Briarswood, is doomed to be an old maid. Her childhood friend is recently engaged to the town beauty, a...
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Dreams of Beauty

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