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Auburnimp has been writing since she was fifteen. Her characters are always strong, feisty and often impetuous enough to get into dangerous situations rather like their creator.

She has been a knife-thrower’s target, an exotic dancer, a drummer, a homeless wanderer and many other things due to a desire to simply go where life takes her.

She now lives in a small house in a large English city with four resident cats and one frequent visitor.

She is female and has blue eyes; anything else is frequently subject to change without notice.

She also makes promotional videos for other authors and will be happy to quote her terms to anyone who might be interested.

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A Note From Auburnimp Auburnimp

Hi there!  

Thank you for viewing my page at Manicreaders.  Please visit my website, join my yahoo group or friend me at myspace.  I'm always happy to get to know my readers.

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Current Releases
Who are the Lords of Deception?  Satan?  Metatron?  Nathaniel?  Or are all strings being pulled by the demon lord Arioch?  Meanwhile, Michael and Gabriel make a few big decisions and Daniel gets annoyed with his lovers....
Available Now!
Fallen Angels 5: Lords of Deception
Written with Michael Barnette Flamespirit, a firemage and healer, is a virtual outcast living with a clan he will never be part of, a clan that refuses to accept him as one of their own.  While most men have swordbrothers to love them and wiv...
Available Now!
Dragon&Fenyx1: Called by Power
Lucifer, as leader of the Fallen, is a very busy angel but when two old lovers turn up in the same night things could just get out of hand!
Available Now!
Fallen Angels 4: Son of the Morning
Three is the big number in Samael’s world.    Since Metatron rose against the Fallen, there is the possibility of three way war between Heaven, the Fallen and the demons of the Pit.   Then there’s the love triangle bet...
Available Now!
Fallen Angels 3: Unholy Trinities
When Tsuki's lover, Hiro gets in trouble with a crooked casino owner, he calls on the Sweepers to help him but it might already be too late.   Reluctant to get involved with an unofficial case, the Sweepers tell Tsuki to leave it to the pros.....
Available Now!
Sweepers:Bittersweet Revenge
Desperately unhappy about Samael’s involvement with Daniel, Raphael starts drinking heavily.  An unexpected visit from Michael leads to Lucifer taking an interest in him and from there things get steadily worse....
Available Now!
Fallen Angels 2: Fall from Grace
Samael, Fallen Angel with the power of life and death discovers a young junkie being beaten in an alleyway. Ever the impulsive creature, he rescues the Daniel from his pimp. From that moment Samael's life changes. But is it for the better or worse? ...
Available Now!
Fallen Angels 1: On Death's Wings

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