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I’m an author who loves writing suspense, particularly during the medieval and regency periods. I also like writing contemporary settings. Too, I’ve dabbled in speculative fiction.

But in all of my books, I feel compelled to show how important it is to believe in God as our Savior, and to open our hearts to the Lord before we can live our lives to their fullest. It doesn’t matter the setting–whether it’s medieval, regency, contemporary, or even another world–we need God in our lives.

So that is my challenge, my calling–to write stories that above all else, will entertain the reader! I must first do that, and in the process, I will — hopefully — open the door in some small way, to the Lord. That would be the ultimate joy to me, is to be highly entertaining, but in the process help readers discover the Lord in a new way by living vicariously through my characters.

In this world where there is war and unrest, darkness and despair, I want to entertain with my characters’ journeys to finding their purposes–and thereby to give hope and peace to readers. Humor, suspense, fear, betrayal, friendship, controversy, not to mention God’s unconditional love–all will play roles in my stories!

I’m married with two kids. That’s me with my daughter. Both of my children are now going to college at the University of Oklahoma. When the kids were small, I lost my job with McDonnell Aircraft due to a buyout, and I decided to take up writing, a calling that God had beckoned me to do for years before that. But I had always been afraid. How could I ever even dream of being a published author? I mean, as a child I would say I was going to be an author. But that was like saying I was going to be a Hollywood actress, or a Christian rock star. It would never really happen!

But God took all my excuses away. Suddenly I didn’t have the excuse of not writing because I was too busy working in the aerospace industry. ;) No more 12-hour days or traveling. I started teaching to make extra money for the family, and to have more time to pursue God’s calling to write fiction. I was fortunate enough to hook up with some other marvelous Christian authors, and I was instrumental in forming WIN, Writers of Inspirational Novels.

I’m the newsletter editor for WIN, which is a lot of fun because I get to network with so many interesting people, and then use graphics and web design to put the newsletter together. Now I’m part of a wonderful critique group with Margaret Daley, Vickie McDonough, Therese Stenzel, Jan Warren, and Caron Smith. They not only critique my work, but they are wonderful support, and dear friends. I am blessed!

And now that I’ve published with Sapphire Blue Publishing, I have more friends through their authors, editors and marketing. They are a bunch of professionals who love reading and contracting great books, who are nurturing and caring. My cup overfloweths! *grin!*

Right now I’m working on my next suspense. I have a medieval story that is about half finished. And I have a completed Regency that needs revisions before I submit it. All of my stories have romance in them–I love having my characters fall in love. So many Christians are having trouble finding that one significant other, and yes, it is difficult to find love. But finding your soul mate is such a beautiful gift from God that I love writing about it.

I am sending out proposals all the time. So drop back by to see what is happening with me. Or, better yet, subscribe to my newsletter. Thanks, and God Bless everyone!


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A Peek Into the Life of Audrey Chadwick

Cruising with my husband, my sister and brother in law

Cruising with my husband, my sister and brother in law
My cross-eyed college daughter and friends!

My cross-eyed college daughter and friends!
My mother and my daughter

My mother and my daughter

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