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.Audrey Godwin is fast becoming the hottest writer of erotic romance in decades. Her style is both unusual and daring, her books the most controversial in ebook history.  She writes horror and suspense and has been compared to Ann Rice in her lush descriptive phrases and Jackie Collins in her daring sexual exploits.  While keeping company with the best, she pushes sexual boundaries to the limit and beyond, and reaps the rewards.  If you dare to read her books, remember... the hotter the sex—the sharper the blade!
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A Note From Audrey Godwin

If you're pleasure is to read about sex among the adults, you’ve come to the right place.  Contemporary Gothic with lots of paranormal activity is what Audrey Godwin is all about. As a result her books are dark, mysterious and atmospheric.  Her writing style is highly sensuous, filled with deep, sultry romance, beautiful heroines, handsome heroes, and enough conflict and action to have you sitting on the edge of your seats. 

Frankly speaking, Audrey is the first author to bring hate sex and dirty passion into her books for those readers who like it rough. Her bigger-than-life storylines have plenty of substance, so if you choose to take a bite—be prepared for a mouthful!

Since Audrey was born and raised in the rough country of Texas—a place rumored to have only the biggest and the best, you might understand why her style of writing is a bit—shall we say—passionate. She talks with a Texas twang, and doesn’t say too much unless it’s important—then watch out!

Today she lives on the East Coast with her two sons and a beautiful, but mischievous Maine Coon cat named Tigger. At present she is working on her next novel, Lovely Little Tramp.
Current Releases
She needs a secretary, but she hates the interviews, the paperwork, and all the incompetence she sees in each applicant. And then he walks into her life. He's big, beautiful, and smart as a whip. But he has one flaw. He was a paid escort who fuck...
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Velvet Sins
Surrounded by the lavish world of politics, Griff Nyle is as dangerous as he is dazzling. Women are playthings and scandals rock the city, but there is one powdered boudoir that is not so easily forgotten. She is a wicked femme fatale who lures him i...
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Sin City
Lance and Stefan Duquesne are twin werewolves that exist in a modern day world where nine months out of the year they lead perfectly normal lives.  At birth they were stricken with a Lykanian curse that becomes active every year during the Autum...
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Brothers of the Night
From the sparkling lights of a hellish stage— to the dark prison of a gilded cage!   Exotic Dancer Lance Weston wakes to find himself cruelly shackled to a bed in a room that is high above the city. His costume has been ripped off, and ...
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Dancing with the Devil

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