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Autumn Faith Harper grew up in Missouri but resides in California. She is a longtime lover of the paranormal. She is a freelance author and a published poet. She always had a passion for reading books of all genres. She discovered that she loved writing, first poems then writing many short stories. Her pen has always been her voice, her rock, her freedom. Her other passions when she is not writing is bringing hope to orphans, by working with her Non-Profit Organization Frontier of Hope. Although she has no children of her own; she takes care of her Autistic Nephew who she loves as if he was her own.
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Cory Smith was obsessed with an Erotic Romance Author named Autumn, of course that wasn't her real name. He knew her real name; and where she lived, what she did in her spare time. Autumn had many fans telling her they liked her books, and wished t...
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This house is actually better than I could ever imagine, it’s just perfect.” “But I do have a question.” “Yes dear whatever could it be?” Mandy smiled. “Why is the house offered so cheap?” Sarah had...
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The House That Jack Built
It had arrived on her doorstep a few months ago, just in time for her birthday. The note with it had been anonymous, and had read, "For a rose in the dark ..." That had been all. There was no return address, no shipping marks, and not even ...
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The Corset
Carla, an ordinary woman, has just been dumped by the love of her life. She takes a walk on the beach. Along her path, she finds a mysterious looking bottle. While rubbing the sand and grit off of it, the top pops opens and unleashes an all powerful ...
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Wishes From The Heart

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