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Ava Branson

Ava is a true native Floridian and calls the east coast of the state home. Her debut short stories, On a Dare, The Project and Intimate Inspection solidified her love of writing and the seed was planted to write full time.

She's currently working on a trilogy to release late fall of 2014 and finds more inspiration in life than there are hours to write about them.

Mason Cooley once said "Reading gives us some place to go when we have to stay where we are." So very true. I hope that my stories will allow you to escape the everyday world, even if only for a short time.

Current Releases
Up and coming attorney, Carly Weston, has a lusty approach to life outside the walls of the conservative law firm where she works. She’s toyed with the envelope of decency before and gotten away with it. But her latest sexual fantasy pushes...
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On a Dare
Allyson Whitney has spent the past several days seeing to the myriad details of her client’s destination wedding. Yet another blissful beginning to someone else's love-filled life and a poignant reminder of what is no longer in hers. But...
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Intimate Inspection
Mariantha Anastos has a problem. And a solution. But in order for the solution to be applied, she has to enlist the help of the one man that she’s longed for, fantasized about and lusted after. The one man that rejected her. Liam Galla...
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The Project

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