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  Ill prepared for an impromptu trip to Paris, Lily’s missing the glory of the City of Lights because her nose is stuck in travel and translation books. Until she runs, literally, into a gorgeous restaurateur named Michael…an...
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When in Paris
Intrigue, champagne and lust—what a combination!   Lacey is a corporate fraud and abuse investigator. Her latest assignment is to discover the saboteur of an ultra-sexy cosmetics campaign. Suddenly she has a multitude of suspect...
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Champagne & Cravings
  When Cass’ cyber lover invites her to the hedonistic Hunter’s Moon Ball, she’s thrilled to shed her inhibitions behind the guise of a risqué costume. Yet Cass quickly forgets the man she’s there to meet wh...
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Part of the Playing With the Boys series.   Cherish switches work assignments so she can interview hunky Carter, the hometown hero who’s returned to lead his new football team to victory. They’d shared the last dance at pr...
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Wanted Distraction
  Sara has finally found stability in her life. After a childhood of flitting around with her jet-setting parents, she’s settled in Tucson, where she has a great job, wonderful friends and a house she loves. But her romantic life is...
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Beyond Third Base
Part of the Playing With the Boys series.   Writer Giselle is on assignment to cover an off-road race, a trendy sport she knows absolutely nothing about. When she meets hunky mechanic Ky, the chemistry between them sizzles from the mo...
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Pure Pleasure
Part of the Playing With the Boys series.   Claire is a writer for Scottsdale Live magazine, covering the new fitness hotspot in town. From her first meeting with the club’s sexy and charismatic owner, Jack, she’s intensel...
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Right Moves
Jade’s law-enforcing, gun-toting relatives scare off every potential love interest she has in the small town of Moon River, Montana, leaving her frustrated and sexually deprived. Until bad boy Vin D’Angelo roars into town on a bad-ass ...
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Worth the Wait
Grace is a domestic goddess in need of being worshipped by her workaholic husband, who is trying to make senior partner. With his focus solely on work, Michael has left Grace lonely and doubting her desirability. When her former college roomma...
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One Spark
Out of the frying pan and into the fire. When Kate’s professional reputation is muddied by a nasty scandal, the sexy CEO of her company comes to her rescue. John is a man who always gets what he wants, except when it comes to Kate, who&r...
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Charming and charismatic Jordan has watched his two best friends, Sam and Sophie, fall in love. When sexy Bridget declares eternal sexual and romantic bliss is a delusion, Jordan pulls out all the stops to prove her wrong. He’s wanted her for a...
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Jordan Tamed
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Zora has lived the past thirteen years in an anesthetized state. She logs long hours at work and takes sleeping pills at night, helping her to keep insanity at bay and the howling of wolves from her dreams. But memories of her family, slaughtered ...
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Vaughn's Bidding
Sophie has never had an orgasm. Too much guilt and a horrific teenage tragedy have left her self-conscious about her body. But her two roommates and best friends, Sam and Jordan, find Sophie beyond desirable. Together, they set a steamy seduction ...
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Satisfying Sophie

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