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About the author:

Avery Aster is an American novelist who pens erotic romance for Ellora’s Cave. As an Upper East Side resident and a graduate from New York University Avery is celebrated for giving readers an inside look at the city’s glitzy nightlife, socialite sexcapades, and tall tales of the über-rich and ultra-famous. “I write about what I see in my metropolis which never sleeps—Manhattanites on the quest for a passionate thrill,” Avery says. “By and large, my characters are drop-dead gorgeous, ripped straight from the headlines and on the hunt for their next conquest.”

Undressed, book one, launched The Manhattanites series exploring people’s forbidden desires of lust and longing. When Avery’s star-studded cast unites it always feels like forever and everyone has a once-in-a-lifetime experience.Log on to for upcoming book releases and to join The Manhattanites fan club.


About The Manhattanites Series:

From American novelist Avery Aster comes The Manhattanites, a powerful series loaded with erotic encounters of lust, ambition, and true devotion. Aster takes you under the glittering media spotlight into the lives of elite movers-and-shakers working in the fashion and beauty world amidst Park Avenue riches. They all have one thing in common: They’re seeking love. But not simply with anyone-rather, someone most extraordinary, who makes them sexually fulfilled like never before. 

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A Note From Avery Aster


Are you ready for The Manhattanites? This star-studded cast is most aroused (wink) to share their stories with you. My idea for Undressed arrived during New York Fashion Week. I attended a show and thought—what if the fashion designer’s unique fabric was to no avail days prior to catwalk? And what if her supplier ceased fulfillment, to knock her line off?

I can tell you what The Manhattanites series lead diva Taddy Brill would say, “Holy Shiiit!” What about the heroine in Undressed, our fashion designer?

I coupled those what-ifs with a royal saga. Right then, the world watched Prince William marry Catherine Middleton. I reflected on the devotion his great-great-uncle, Edward, Duke of Windsor, shared for his Duchess, Wallis Simpson and wondered—would you give up your lifestyle for a once-in-a-lifetime love? And poof, my characters Prince Massimo Tittoni and Alexandra “Lex” Easton leaped into my creative prowess and, with anticipation, into your hearts. Enjoy.

Feels like Forever,

Avery Aster

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  Book 1 inThe Manhattanites series (78,000 words, Erotic Contemporary Romance, M/F, HEA, Ages 18+ due to sexual situations and mature content) “Undressed is a sizzling tale of love and lust amid the backdrop of the gla...
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