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Avery Hale is a small town girl living in the big city of Chicago with her trusty Boston Terrier sidekick, Duncan.  She’s a cog in the corporate wheel by day, and a Romance writer by night.  When she’s not working or writing, she loves cooking, laughing, yoga-ing…and, of course, indulging in her ridiculous obsession with love stories!  In addition to Romance, Avery also writes in the YA Paranormal genre under the pen name Jane Lively.

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Just a heartfelt thank you to all of you reviewers who take the time to give us authors your honest, thoughtful opinions on our work.  A good review can make an author's day.  A bad review can help an author grow.  So, all reviews are good, in my book, and I appreciate each and every one.


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As Jane Austen once said, “We are all fools in love.” Twenty-two year old Phinegan Swift is no exception to that rule.  In fact, she’s been accused of being a certifiable lovefool.  But she’s proud to wear her hea...
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A Peek Into the Life of Avery Hale

Yay selfies!

Yay selfies!
Nutella - my salvation and my downfall

Nutella - my salvation and my downfall
My little man :)

My little man :)
Pic from a trip to Costa Rica which inspired Lovefools!

Pic from a trip to Costa Rica which inspired Lovefools!
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