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I'm a mother, wife, and a writer. I'm a bonafied cajun from Louisiana. I love cooking up good foods and hot romances.

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I love writing stories that inspire men and women to a deeper, more meaningful realtionship. That is my endeavor with every story I create. I also enjoy being inspired myself. I always say, Erotic Romance is the new Viagra for women. Let the sexy grow and flow!

Current Releases
Rone Kreed managed to keep Sheeku from a forced marriage to her abusive cousin by offering his own hand instead. The only problem is, he’s in love with her and can’t say no to her sweet demanding desires. Sheeku has a power that protec...
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Dark Rone 2: Married to the Devil
Rone Kreed wants Sheeku in every way imaginable. Which is kind of impossible when possessed with a demon who devours souls with a kiss and spreads eternal damnation through his seed. But Sheeku has a power that protects her from the demon's sa...
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The Devil Wants A China Doll

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