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B.A. Dalton–the bad girl of erotica…

A native New Yorker, B.A. is sassy, proud, a vagabond, a mother, a heartbreaker, a sinner and a saint.

Her world travels have included over thirty countries (a few of which she cannot return to), 42 states (two of which are figurative), and more cities than a politician during campaign season.

Included in her travels are numerous lovers none of whom have come close to the characters created in her books (“Take that all of you ex’s.”), more wine than one human should consume, and enough memories (real and imagined) to keep her writing for decades.

When asked to describe her books, B.A. Dalton responds with her typical honesty and bluntness, saying: “If you want great literature read something like, oh, Emerson. Chaucier. Shakespeare. If you want fun, titillating ‘popcorn’ books come see me. I’ll get you off.”

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A Note From B.A. Dalton

Books are an invitation to walk into the vision of the author—to share an illusion.  Part of that experience, for me at least, is to understand the author and their state of mind during the creation of the story.  I can’t speak for other writers, but music plays a critical part in my creative process. 

While meeting Maria and I listened to the following music.  Enjoy.

Le Roi Est Mort, Viva Le Roi!,by Enigma

MCMXC Enigma

The Screen Behind the Mirror, by Enigma

The Best Of, Disc 1, by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Here’s To The Mourning, by Unwritten Law

Music in High Places, by Unwritten Law

An Introduction To…,by Tangerine Dream

Funeral,by Arcade Fire

Licensed to Ill,by The Beastie Boys

At Last, by Etta James

Appetite for Destruction, by Guns and Roses

By the Way, by Red Hot Chili Peppers

Bittersweet Memory, byThe Verve

Mambo Number 5, by Lou Bega

The Impression That I Get, by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

What is Love, by Haddaway

Good Vibrations, by Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch

Unbelievable, by EMF

If God Was One of Us, by Joan Osborne

Jump Around, by House of Pain

Barely Breathing, by Duncan Shiek

Tubthumping, by Chumbawumba

Brothers, by The Black Keys

When a Man Loves a Woman,by Percy Sledge

The Book of Eli Soundtrack, by Atticus Ross

Reeling and Rocking, by Chuck Berry


I hope you'll enjoy meeting Maria as much I have.  --B.A. Dalton

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None of them had the words to explain what, exactly, Brock was to them but all agreed that accepting the challenge of being Maria had forever, and positively, altered their lives. They were who they were because of Maria. Being Maria wasn't fo...
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Becoming Maria

A Peek Into the Life of B.A. Dalton

Busted while hustling my book 'anonymously'

Busted while hustling my book 'anonymously'
My bitches--book release party

My bitches--book release party
La Guardia--on my way to Denver for the book release party

La Guardia--on my way to Denver for the book release party

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