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Allen's day begins awful and rapidly turns into a living hell, leaving him without a job, without a car, without a phone, and without much hope that life will improve anytime soon. When friends urge him to bail on the city and come spend Hanukah ...
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Love & Latkes
The House of the Scarred Backs has held their territory for six generations. Few dare to challenge them, and those few foolish swiftly regret it—assuming they survive the mistake. Alkeides is a proud Brother, happy and honoured to do whatever i...
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The House of the Scarred Backs
When 33 year old Katharyn reluctantly returns home to recover from an illness, she is forced to attend several elaborate parties with eligible gentlemen she has zero interest in. All to make her stubborn, pushy mother happy. One night, she meets t...
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Drag Prince Charming
A day can last an hour or an eternity, as three friends learn in the final moments leading up to wedding they'll be attending—one as the bride, two as the bridesmaids. Allison waits impatiently for her wedding night, the first night she and...
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What a Difference a Day Makes

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