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Barry S. Willdorf

I grew up in Malden, Massachusetts. He attended Colby College, the University of Manchester (England) and Columbia Law School.

My first novel, "Bring the War Home!" written in 2001 is available free on Scribd.

My second  novel, "Flight of the Sorceress,"  Wild Child Publishing, recently won a Global E-Book award for best historical fiction and is a finalist for an EPIC award.  It is rated 5 stars on Amazon and is available as both an e-book and in print.

My third novel, published by Whiskey Creek Press is "Burning Questions" a mystery-thriller set in Gloucester, MA in 1969. Was recently published as both an e-book and in print on August 1, 2011.

I am a member of the San Francisco Writers Workshop, The Blackpoint Writers Group and is represented by The Krista Goering Literary Agency. He and his wife Bonnie live in San Francisco.

A Note From Barry S. Willdorf

The Flight of the Sorceress Glenys, a Celtic healer, is falsely accused of sorcery. Pursued across the crumbling Roman Empire by a tenacious bishop, she finally reaches Alexandria where she is befriended by Hypatia, the famous pagan philosopher/librarian and Acshi a Jewish rebel. Soon she is caught up in a battle between fanatical churchmen and Jews and pagans culminating in a pogrom that wipes out Alexandria's Jewish community and destroys nearly everyone she has come to love.

Burning Questions(Part One of my 1970s Trilogy):The teenage heir to a Gloucester MA fortune is found shot. Was it a teenage suicide or was he murdered? He recently witnessed a hotel being torched. Screw-up Nate Lewis is hired to bungle the investigation, and really screws up when he falls in love with everyone's favorite suspect, Christina Lima, the dead kid's girlfriend.


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Current Releases
When a pretty young addict is found dead in her bed from an overdose, her treatment counselor, a black militant, is charged with providing her with drugs for sex. Nate Lewis is paid to defend him but learns too late that his retainer was stolen fr...
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A wealthy teenager is found shot after recently witnessing arson. The coroner rules it suicide. His mother thinks it’s murder and hires Nate Lewis to investigate. But Nate’s snooping rattles cages. Now everyone wants him to pin the dea...
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Burning Questions
Falsely accused of sorcery, a Celtic healer is pursued across the crumbling Roman Empire by a tenacious bishop. Reaching Alexandria she befriends the Neo-Pagan philosopher-librarian Hypatia, and Aschi, a Jewish rebel leader, only to lose nearly ev...
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The Flight of the Sorceress

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Barry Willdorf

Barry Willdorf
Cover Flight of the Sorceress

Cover Flight of the Sorceress
Front cover - Burning Questions

Front cover - Burning Questions

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