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When I was little I thought everyone had stories in their head. I didn’t find out that wasn’t the case until kindergarten. I remember thinking that was sad; and that I should share the ones I had. I asked my teacher for help. I had her cut, fold and staple the paper into a suspiciously book-like shape. Then I drew the cover art and illustrated the interior pages. Finally, and most importantly, I dictated the text. And violà … a writer was born.

It took thirty years for me to get from that first attempt to being a published author. I think the road thus far has added some depth and experience to my writing. At the very least I learned I shouldn’t ever do my own illustrations.

A city girl, born and bred, I tend to place my stories in and around southeast Pennsylvania, or at least have a character or two from the area. Home is where the heart is and I make mine with my very own knight in slightly tarnished armor, three beautiful daughters, a wonderful son-in-law and a grandson with whom I share a birthday. When I’m not busy living my own happily ever after, I’m writing about someone else’s.

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Current Releases
Old scars, new threats....What are they willing to sacrifice? Philadelphia police officer Kylee Parker is dedicated to protecting and serving. She sees the work in absolutes: right and wrong, black and white, good guys and bad guys. That is, until...
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A Love Restrained
Jenna Gavin needs a fresh start but, more importantly, she’s searching for balance. Her heart and perhaps the hands of fate have led her and her young son to Trappers' Cove, Minnesota. Settling in the small, quirky town, she's not in th...
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Fated Desires
Psychiatrist Henley Elliott fled her quiet life in Cleveland for a gypsy lifestyle, trying to stay one step ahead of her painful memories. When she breaks down in quirky little Trappers' Cove, Minnesota, she meets Sheriff Carter McAlister - a man...
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Fated Hearts
Codename Diana CIA field agent Paige Aster hides a cunning intelligence and lethal skill behind a mask of golden beauty. It serves her well as she moves from one undercover assignment to the next. Current Mission Retrieve a stolen United Sta...
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Goddess of the Hunt
Investigative journalist Maggie O’Connell went from hard hitting exposés to alien abductions in the blink of an eye, but she did it with style. Her next big lead takes her to northern Minnesota hot on the trail of a werewolf and strai...
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Fated Souls
He gives "secret service" a whole new meaning…. How is the president's daughter supposed to have any fun while living in a gilded cage? Kelly would gladly trade the view from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and all its perks for ...
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Secretly Serviced

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