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Quick info: Married, 26 years old

I started writing of my own accord when I was 13 years old, creating a fictional world of rules and discipline which I hid behind to escape a broken home and trauma. 

Thirteen years later, I’m still writing but I’m not escaping anything this time . . . rather bringing to life beloved characters and plots that have been with me for a very long time. My first book, “The Solicitation,” was written during the first few weeks of living in the Mid-Atlantic region after my husband’s promotion moved us here to America from England in summer 2013.  It was accepted by Blushing Books, an eBook publisher of many genres, including: romantic, erotic, Western, Christian, Domestic Discipline, age-play, explicit, not explicit and everything in between. 

Since getting published with Blushing Books in September 2013, I have taken the opportunity to stay home and continue writing.  I fall into mainly two genres: age-play and/or traditional discipline (DD) and sometimes romance.  My stories must have a direction and a guiding inclination of some kind. They won’t always be romantic or have happy endings, but they will challenge readers to look at themselves and reflect on their own behaviour, thoughts and belief systems. And I always include personal circumstances and memories in my writing, but those that are fact from fiction shall remain undisclosed.

My stories are:
1) purely fictional
2) cheeky! (age-play and corporal punishment focused) with an array of school, romantic and/or domestic themes
3) character developing and plot line driven
4) Non-sexual. But if you find a smacked bottom erotic, well, that’s up to you isn’t it!
5) meant to make you reflect

There are a lot of different writers at Blushing Books to suit varying tastes.  I am one of few who does not write explicit material so if you are looking for steamy romances, I am not that kind of author.  My style is different from most in my genre, but one thing is for sure, my heroine will always get the appropriate comeuppance!

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Brayden James was raised in an extremely disciplined and formal household in modern-day England, on a private estate in the countryside. Having been left Waldorf Manor in his parents' Will, Brayden resides amongst only his live-in domestic staff....
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The Solicitation

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