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The third Gathering. On the Coast, where the weather is bleak and wet, much like the mood of some of the participants, though Julia was in no mood to let that stop her having what she hopes will be a good time. The last was an eye-opener, could this ...
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The Devil's Apprentice
To go, or not to go? The next Gathering was on in days and Julia had still not made a decision. At Carly’s insistence, she went, but when faced with the foreboding castle where the Gathering was to be held, she had second thoughts. Though not a...
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The Party Animal
Day-to-day life can be a drag, especially when you’re trying to run your own business and contend with an over-bearing husband. Julia finds her life suddenly up-ended when her husband gets an invitation to his main contractor’s birthday p...
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The Gathering
Twenty-two years on and the coast is booming, and times are good for Adam and Amber as construction halts and the festive season commences. With the influx of family, bedrooms become congested and sibling squabbling requires tact, something Amber has...
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Adam, a young surfer and his mates, meet Amber, Angie, her sister, and Diane, three promiscuous young women on the Coast, one long weekend. Sparks fly and bodies simmer over three days of debauchery and soul-searching, leading to what Amber hopes mig...
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Young Love

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