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Bert Silva

I could say my creative life began with an interest in drawing. After art school I worked for a time in animation at Walt Disney Studios. Later in New York, I made the rounds of magazine humor editors and sold cartoons. Now a full-time writer, I’ve published short stories, a book on quitting smoking titled, Butt BustersDefeating the Tobacco Habit... and a crime novel, The Patsy. Oak Tree Press has just published my latest, a crime novel titled New York Scramble. I’m currently writing a sequel. For many years now I’ve been an avid sailor, making a voyage to Mazatlan, Mexico on my 30-foot sloop. I’ve sailed on other boats to Hawaii and down the Atlantic from Connecticut to the Caribbean. These experiences will help me with two adventure novels I hope to complete. It’s taken me a while to realize it, but I’ve found that writing has proven to be most rewarding. I live in Morro Bay, CA and hope to be around long enough to finish what I’ve begun. 

Current Releases
 "This is for you, Frank," the shooter said and fired his weapon at point blank range. The onetime boss of the New York underworld grasped his bloodied neck and fell.  This begins a curious story where a gangster and a freelance a...
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New York Scramble

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The Patsy

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