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Camellia knows her way around city streets and the pathways of the mind. If only she could navigate her heart as well.  A nasty vampire named Xan is running amuck in Birmingham, and it’s Camellia’s job to oust him. Patrolling the ...
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Compass Rosegarten (Book Five of the The Camellia Series)
About the book: Camellia goes all the way to California to get away from trouble. Too bad trouble has a way of catching up. Sunshine and a cottage near the sea. In California, Camellia starts over. New name, new job, no impossible choices. Sure, ...
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Ramblin' Rosegarten (Book Four of the The Camellia Series)
About the book: BH keeps running hot and cold...and Camellia just keeps running. In Atlanta, Camellia is back in the assassin business with BH. Tension hangs heavy between them, but it will not get in the way of the job or plotting revenge on the...
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Knockout Rosegarten Book Three of the The Camellia Series)
About the book: Florida’s humans are free, and Camellia will kill to get that point across. With Florida free, Camellia goes to work killing resistant vampires. BH trains her and offers her partnership in his guild. With new goals, steady w...
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Blooming Rosegarten (Book 2 The Camellia Series)
About the book: Camellia believes that the only good vampire is a dead vampire…until she meets Leslie. In 2032, vampires rule the world, but free human, Camellia Rosegarten can make things right again. When ancient vampire, Leslie Wells co...
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Wild Rosegarten Book One of the The Camellia SeriesWild Rosegarten Book One of the The Camellia Series
Blurb Skye has a heart of gold, and three men aim to have it.  Skye Daniels knows it isn’t wise to wander alone in the Big Easy, but she hopes the trip will give her a break from the teasing she endures at school and time to res...
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